Welcome to the GrJHS Band Boosters Page

This page will be where you can find the latest information about Fun Fundraising Events and Volunteer Oppertunities that will benefit our band students.

Stand With Our Band!

Be a Band Booster and Support our Students

As parents, we ALL want what’s best for our kids and our community.

For years, studies have proved a link between kids who participated in band and music classes make better grades, score higher on FCAT and SAT exams and are more likely to stay in school and graduate from high school.

Being in band also offers social structure, a self-esteem boost, a way to learn about working with others and just have a good time.

GrJHS Band Boosters want to make sure that our young musicians and their teacher have what they need to help them succeed.

Image result for band boosterWhy Fundraising?

  • To Repair, maintain and purchase needed instruments and equipment
  • Raise funds for competitions and field trips
  • Help Mrs. Moorhead attend conferences to bring innovative techniques to the classroom
  • Purchase Sheet Music and supplies

Plus, as a Band Booster, you get the opportunity to be involved with your student and their band friends!! It’s also a great way to connect and interact with our school community.

Get involved and proudly say “I’m With The Band”

For more information or to help support the Greenfield Junior High Band Boosters please email greenfieldbandinfo@gmail.com

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Please support our Students as they fundraise for their DISNEYLAND trip!

Consider making a TAX CREDIT DONATION!

Remember, you will get it all back on your Arizona State Taxes. ( Between Jan 1st and April 15th, Tax Credit may apply to either the prior tax year or the current tax year.)

Donate Online Here! For more information about Tax Credit Donations, please visit the Gilbert Public Schools website


What’s it all about??

Soundtrack Session: Instrumental | Disney Performing Arts Workshops

Students will experience the excitement of a working recording studio where professional clinicians present sight-reading techniques, performance concepts and the entire process of laying down a musical track. Taught by industry composers, arrangers, conductors or studio musicians, this 90-minute workshop culminates with a screening of the students’ recorded work set to Disney film footage!

During this exciting learning experience, students will:

  • Perform and record a varied repertoire of Disney music
  • Sight-read, listen, analyze and describe music
  • Evaluate music and musical performances
  • Develop and reinforce the fundamentals of musical performance
  • Learn what it’s like to work in the music industry as a professional
  • Gain an understanding of the relationships between music, the arts and non-artistic disciplines
  • Review work from different artists and composers to ascertain their societal, cultural and historic implications