Label – Include first and last name, school, and contact phone # – (Luggage tags work well)

Book – 7th Grade & 8th Grade: Accent on Achievement, Book 2: Flute

Cleaning/tuning rod – should come with the flute when renting or purchasing

Cleaning cloth (a handkerchief or piece of an old t-shirt works great, but it should be cut to approximately 8”x 8”). Only use materials that are free of lint. Silk is great, as it is lint free and also very absorbent. 

Black, 1-inch Binder – this is only necessary if we are “In-Person”

15 – 20 clear protective sheets – these are only necessary if we are “In-Person”


Additional (Optional) Supply Recommendations

Folding Wire Music Stand: Can be found as low as $12 on Amazon.

Metronome/Tuner Apps: My favorite is Tonal Energy ($4) or Soundcorset is free.