Instrument – School will supply, please complete this School Loan Form

Label – Include first and last name, school, and contact phone # – (Luggage tags work well

Book – 7th Grade & 8th Grade: Accent on Achievement, Book 2: Tuba

Valve Oil and Slide Grease should come with your instrument. Should you run out over the course of the year, please replace it with the same products. 

Soft cloth for wiping down instrument (piece of an old t-shirt works great)

*Please note, if using a school instrument, purchasing your own mouthpiece is strongly recommended.*  I recommend a Conn Helleberg or a Bach 7 (AKA Bach 3357). They are pricey but they’ll last forever, and with instruments, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap mouthpiece it will directly impact your student’s enjoyment of playing — making it more challenging and difficult than it needs to be! The school has SOME mouthpieces, but with Covid, we’re asking families to consider purchasing their own to avoid any accidental sharing. 


Black, 1-inch Binder – this is only necessary if we are “In-Person”

15 – 20 clear protective sheets – these are only necessary if we are “In-Person”

Additional (Optional) Supply Recommendations

Folding Wire Music Stand: Can be found as low as $12 on Amazon.

Metronome/Tuner Apps: My favorite is Tonal Energy ($4) or Soundcorset is free.